Who We ARe

The Staff of Huron Park Baptist Church

Associate Pastor: Phil Cole

If you have ever come to a time in your life when you believe that there is much more to the Christian walk than what you are currently experiencing, then congratulations. The Holy Spirit has managed to break through the distractions in your life in order to give you a new desire to draw closer to God, but how do you do that? As Pastor of personal development, this is where I step into the picture. My job is to offer you resources and coaching that will help you on your journey towards reaching your fullest potential in Christ.

I have been a pastor at Huron Park since 2005 and my counselling degree comes from Providence Theological Seminary. By far, however, my greatest training comes from the life lessons I have learned on my own spiritual journey, which I have been on since I was eight years old. Included in that journey was my marriage to my wife Carol in 1985. It was during these years when I was directing a Christian camp in B.C., that we  welcomed into our family two beautiful daughters, Alison and Emily. Both of my daughters are now living their careers away from home.

One of my greatest passions is in helping married couples enrich their relationship. To that end I have published 2 books titled “Discovering A More Intimate Response” and just recently "Love Redeemed - Unwrapping the Song of Songs". I also publish a blog at http://intimateresponse.com., which offers a variety of marriage tips . Besides marriage enrichment I have a few other  interests such as: landscaping, wood carving, stamp collecting and reading. In my role as a pastor I especially enjoy teaching the Bible within a small group setting.

One of my responsibilities at Huron Park is to provide small group studies. Small groups provide an environment where you can gather with other people who will soon become part of your community of friends to discuss Biblical teaching at your own level of understanding and application. In fact, if you are wanting to grow in your spiritual walk, or desiring to get connected in our church, then joining a small group is step #1, for more reflections on this I would encourage you to go to “Why attend a small group”. 

Thanks for checking me out on the web, and I look forward to the opportunity of meeting you in person. God’s blessings – Pastor Phil.

E-mail me anytime: pastorphil@huronparkchurch.org

Youth Pastor: ethan cassidy

As the youth pastor at HPBC, I have the opportunity to minister in partnership with our youth ministry team to the young men and women of our church community (Ages 11-17).

I spent my early years growing up in Oxford County and was regularly involved in many youth ministries in both Ingersoll and Woodstock. Growing up, I dedicated my life to the study of medicine for local communities and global missions. In my mid-twenties, God redirected my path towards ministry and I re-trained with a Bachelor of Religious Education at Emmanuel Bible College in Kitchener.

Since then, I have been sharing the Gospel and building into youth at bible camps and churches in northern Saskatchewan. It was there I worked to help youth see the presence and power of Jesus in every area of their life – in everyday interactions, in their classrooms, and even in the darkest situations that the world can throw at them. It is my hope that every youth will be able to experience the transforming work of Jesus and the redemption that can be brought to every moment, overflowing from their lives into the lives of those around them.

I have a deep love of storytelling and love to see how the stories of people and society reflect the grand story that God has been writing through the working of His plan. As I serve the Huron Park youth, I look forward to helping them discover how the stories of their lives fit into God’s story through the person and work of Jesus Christ. Further, I seek to give the youth a safe place to voice and explore concerns about their faith, so that they can become better equipped to be the salt and light of the world.

I enjoy both soccer and hockey, though my favorite outdoors activity is archery. I play piano to keep my mind active and will never turn down a challenger for Smash Bros.

Feel free to contact me anytime: ethan@huronparkchurch.org

Church Phone: 519-421-4722 (ext.22)

children's coordinator:

Dana lynne endersby

As the Children’s Ministry Coordinator at Huron Park Baptist Church, I have key responsibilities: developing policies and routines for the children’s programs, training and developing teachers, coordinating supplies and equipment, connecting with parents and forward planning. My official job description goes on to say that there are also other responsibilities as required – and goes on to list items A through F! So, what does that workload really mean?

Let’s go back in time, to the events of Matthew 18. Some of the disciples asked Jesus “Who, then, is the greatest in the the kingdom of heaven?” Did Jesus point to someone with of position or rank, holding tons of responsibilities or taking care of lots of stuff? Well, no actually. He called over a little child, and placed the child among these adults. A child does not hold down a job, does not have many responsibilities and is dependent on others for almost everything. Jesus calls adults like me to become like little children.

Back to my job, as Children’s Ministry Coordinator - I have the privilege of serving the greatest people in the kingdom of heaven! I take seriously Jesus’ admonitions later in Matthew 18 to not cause any little one to stumble and not to despise them. Therefore, my job is to teach children the truth – the Good News! – and to cherish children by keeping them safe and nurtured. In Discovery Park (the name for our Sunday morning children’s program) we want to connect with and care for each child – just as a shepherd knows and looks after each of his sheep.

Previously (in no particular order) I have been an accounting clerk, tax return preparer, International Student Ministry coordinator, English as a Second Language Teacher, Community College teacher, technical support person and foster parent. This interesting mix has put me in good stead to do the administrative and teaching components of my work. So what is my absolute favourite part? When a child in Discovery Park who has been hesitant to participate or who is just very shy comes up to me and initiates contact – and we start to chat, getting to know one another. This never gets old.

I am also a mother of four, all of whom have been or are still part of Discovery Park; currently my sons are in grades 3 and 4 and my daughters are in grades 6 and 8. I also have a husband, John, who cheers me on and makes a mean kimchi-bacon-rice stir fry.

E-mail me anytime: danalynne@huronparkchurch.org

office administrator:

Elaine ransom

visitation coordinator: Carol engberts

In September, 2002, I married Gerald and moved to Woodstock from Burlington. We had met a while after the death of our spouses. I entered into the church fellowship here at Huron Park that he and his family had attended. From both marriages, I am blessed with 7 stepchildren; 14 grandchildren; and now some great-grands.

I had retired from The Halton District Board of Education. During my long-time position as Principals’ Secretary at Aldershot High School, I was trained as a member of the Tragic Events Response Team. In Burlington, I attended Compasspoint Bible Church for 20 years, serving in a variety of ministries including the Official Board.

Shortly after joining Huron Park Church and with the leading of the Holy Spirit I volunteered to join with ministry staff in visiting our sick and shut-ins. I am very comfortable in environments like the Woodstock Hospital. In retirement I have pursued the study of the topic of grief and am able to provide grief as well as crisis support if led.  

I love getting to know people and helping their lives grow stronger with the Lord. Sometimes that will involve spiritual coaching. I enjoy participating in the Park Program outreach, listening to musical groups, bible study, reading, crocheting and some gardening.

The life experiences that God brought me through have led me to a beautiful place in Ontario – the countryside of Oxford County and a joyful spiritual community that has a missional vision resulting in folks coming into a relationship with Jesus Christ and in finding Him, enjoying a reason to live and a passion to serve.